About Greenfield Ecostay

About Greenfield Ecostay

Greenfield Ecostay is built in a small corner of the village, not too far from the Phong Nha Town, which is touristic. Located in the middle of the green field & windy all the time.

Taking the idea of ​​being close to nature, the main architecture is the folk material around the area but also must ensure the stability and safest in the severe rainy season in central – Vietnam. But the main point of Greenfield Ecostay is to live, to experience, to eat together – to live together – to play with the peaceful, kind and affectionate farmers. Handover the gardening, farming job & rural working. Day by day the murmur of the rice field, the sound of the frogs on the field. And sometimes the church bell echoed far away …
Greenfield Ecostay will give us a real sense of closeness, true nature, true countryside and a warm family home.


Currently we have all kind of room options for you from Solo traveler, couple, friends to family:

Note: Greenfield Ecostay does not use air conditioning that uses natural wind and fan for all rooms to bring the freshness and comfort.

The Cooking class

The cooking class – Greenfield Ecostay will bring interesting, very close and real Vietnamese.
You will understand a little bit more the local cuisine, will be manually made it and more experience, enjoy together.
Then when you come back the country you easily find out these ingredients and make familiar surprise what you had in Vietnam,

Dining House

Dining house: Family dinner are places where you can feel the most about your destination, the place you’ve been through, and part of your memories of your journey. Hopefully, the “family meal” will be a place for Greenfield Ecostay visitors and homeowners to gather and enjoy the fun of life, exciting stories together.

The Organic garden

The organic garden – Greenfield Ecostay is the mainstreaming and thriving trend of building and developing to serve tourists, serve the community and blow a new wind for the poor countryside. At times farmers only go to the market to buy vegetables without knowing the origin, quality, Greenfield Ecostay will bring all a familiar address of the fruit and vegetables close to familiar, which Useful for farmers.

The Cafe alehouse

The cafe alehouse is one of the most beautiful places to see the sunset together where the beauty of the mountains, hills, streams and green fields mixed together. Or simply a place to sip a cup of coffee, beer and relax the relaxed feeling of the countryside.