Hang Va 2 Days/1 Night

exploring special stalactite and stalagmite formations in the back site of Hang Son Doong

Phong Nha – Nuoc Nut Cave – Hang Va – Phong Nha

Runs Regularly: 08h00 – 17h30

Tour price: 8.000.000VND/ pax (plus 01 dinner  for FREE)


While not physically connected to Son Doong, Hang Nuoc Nut and Hang Va are part of Phong Nha cave system based on their shared water flow. Some explorers even commented that the stalactites and stalagmites in Hang Va are even more beautiful and extraordinary (see pictures below) than Son Doong cave, but you should see and feel it yourself.

These caves were found recently in 2012. To be one of the people who put early human steps into the caves, you will have to hike, stoop through the entrance, use ropes and cross some rivers including the ones inside the caves. But don’t worry, we provide the very best adventure experiences with every aspects of the trip are carefully planned including delicious meals, the highest safety standards, and friendly and informative adventure guides.

Activities: 10km jungle and mountain trekking, rocky terrain, 3km caving (crossing river, waist deep 17°C), 20m traverse using rope and harness, be prepared for your shoes to get wet 😉

Requirements: trekking experience

Group size: 2-10

Operating: from Feb to Aug (closed from Sep to Jan)

Min. Age: 16 years

Departures: regular departures

Information, we need to know from you, upon booking with us:

  • Confirm the tour you would like to book
  • Full name(s) of participant(s)
  • When you would like to go
  • Date of birth
  • Passport no.
  • Nationality
  • Meal Option (Meat, Vegetarian or Vegan)
  • Any food allergies
  • Any medical problems
  • Pick-up location